Press Rex®

The Press Rex®  (Press to Exit) has an illuminated silicone push button of a size that can be easily pressed and seen in areas of limited lighting. It also operates from 10 to 30Vdc.


  • Has a large tactile button to give the user good feed back that the button has been pressed.
  • Durable surgical silicon button with embedded text.
  • The button is backlit green and changes to a solid green upon activation.
  • Built-in sounder to provide audible confirmation of operation.
  • Easy to clean and fade resistant.
  • Fits the optional vertical surround with the Em Cover for a full exit solution.
  • Fits the vertical double flush box.
  • Single gang profile fits standard electrical flush box
  • Power requirements 10 to 30Vdc - 100mA at 13.6 Vdc
  • 2 set of Clean N/O and N/C outputs
  • The contacts are rated at 2 AMP 30Vdc
  • The silicon button is backlit
  • C-Tick, RCM, RoHS Certified
Press Rex<sup>®</sup>