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TDL VDS – Vertical Double Surround

This allows the Prox Rex® / Press Rex® and Em Rex® / Smart Em Rex®  to be mounted one above the other for a neat and tidy installation.

The Em Rex / Smart Em Rex would be positioned below the Prox Rex / Press Rex for Emergency.

Single Surround Options

These different coloured surrounds allow you to customise the look of the Prox / Press Rex and Em Rex / Smart Em Rex where the client has a particular requirements.  

TDL 1RB – Single Relay Board

The TDL-1RB is an 8 Amp Relay Board. It has 1 x 12Vdc input that switches a single pole double throw relay.

TDL 2RB – 2 Way Relay Board

The TDL-2RB is a 2 way 8 Amp Relay Board. It has 2 x 12Vdc inputs that can switch 2 separate single pole double throw relays.